DNA 视觉展览 20032003-09-05
DNA视觉展览参加北京首次当代艺术双年展。此次展览由 Karen Patterson策划,展示53位定居在中国大陆的顶级艺术家的视觉影响作品。 Karen力图让观众回忆并欣赏摄影艺术的最初价值。每个艺术家提交的作品不超过5 cm x 5 cm 或5 cm x 7 cm. 甚至影像的屏幕也只是5 cm x 7 cm!

前进当代画廊LIU Zheng and ZHANG Hui2007-01-15

马雁泠个人作品展览画册, 以画家的摄影和油画作品为主。

Mathieu Boryzevicz方艉2015-01-17
Through his work, Fang Wei weaves abstract narratives - inhabited by spirits, shadows, and fleeting glimpses - onto his multiple surfaces. In this book, the author take a chronological approach to Fang Wei's work.His most recent works can be divided in two bodies: one dominated by strange mythological narratives, and one in which a web becomes the central compositional device. The web is employed as both an abstract pictorial strategy as well as a way to entwine and restrain the central figure in a maze of interlocking visual laces. Fang’s ambiguous but evocative themes are always equally as important as his development of a technique that is characterized by a tension between tight brushwork and its fluid appearances. From afar the works looks like watercolors but upon closer inspection the solidity of rigorously painted oils emerge.
Fang Wei studied and lived in Japan before returning to his native Shanghai in 2005. He has held solo shows at Shanghai Gallery of Art and participated in many group exhibitions. His work is in the DSL Collection and many private collections worldwide.