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Zhu Wei’s silkscreen and woodblock prints present a contemporary treatment of Chinese portraiture. The artist’s colourful silkscreen prints China China (2006) and Utopia (2006) have a charming quality in contrast to the crude and dramatic treatment of his monochromatic woodblock prints.

Leading art commentator Li Xiaoshan says Zhu’s fine-lined traditional style and use of the print technique to create stylized and sculptural representations has made Zhu and his work a mirror of contemporary Chinese art. “Zhu Wei has penetrated the depths of reality with his extraordinary wit and sharpness, and opened a new door for the public to acquaint themselves with Chinese contemporary art through his works, which are lively and rich in visual tension.”

Li believes there is no overt statement or cynicism in Zhu Wei’s works – he is not interested in ‘political ‘pop’ but the essence of humanity. “Zhu takes common subjects and themes and turns them into a unique personal viewpoint. In his work he ingeniously interweaves his childhood dreams with real-life circumstances, constructing a virtual reality that runs parallel to life’.

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