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The city of Beijing reminds me of a constantly turning wind, everything changes in an instant – the new blows the old away – what memory or remnant is left of the past in a city bent so headlong on the future? What becomes of the lasting symbols of the new City – the New China? On walking around the Dashanzi / 798 art district of Beijing over a period of several months I noticed the large real estate advertising light boxes in the main street (Jiu Xianqiao Road) change from glowing symbols of the new affluent “must have” society to tatty, torn, graffiti covered bill boards of private enterprise contact numbers - escort services, manual labour offers, small business enterprises. The final overlay was that of the local authorities blanking out the large red or black mobile numbers with thick, lugubrious slashes of dribbling, dripping paint, usually high lighting, not obliterating the visual cacophony of images.
This I saw as the perfect metaphor for the new China of the twenty first century.
Tony Scott

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