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Inspired by the extempore incident of nature, Aniwar pays great attentions to document the nature-- every glimpse in the splash of rain in a puddle, the pull of the wind, or the trajectories of shooting stars. Therefore, when appreciating his art works, audience can explore a soft and tender heart as well as a peaceful and tranquil inner world from his brush strokes and colours. Such a child-like way of spontaneous and intuitive expression makes the images simple and pure, yet it is undeniable that each every brush work is well-arranged in a deliberate way with careful consideration. Aniwar is intoxicated with his own artistic context from this profound thinking in every moment of nature. Although the abstract qualities of Aniwar's works make a most immediate impression, he sees them less as abstract than as the outcome of philosophical explorations of visual experience. This experience is a Zen-like conundrum that is at once simple and complex. It refers to how we see colour, form, and space, and how we open ourselves up to (or closed) experience. his insistence on aesthetics and spiritual animus in his art subverts what we anticipate from a contemporary art work. It asks us to put the ego aside, to quieten the mind and to submit our sense to the suspension of time and space that occurs when we enter his pictorial space. That his art feels timeless, neither bound by, or to, the era in which it is created, is a measure of the process brought to realising each piece. [...] Platformchina

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