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Art-in-Progress Series II
Fame in Frame
Recipe Book
The Master Said

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ZHANG Lansheng, born in Shanghai, immigrate to Australia in 1989. Trained as a practice artist in Shanghai, he has exhibited in many countries and his work has been part of some major art museums’ collections internationally. He has worked in a curatorial or advisory role at the shanghai Art Museum and a number of public art museums or galleries overseas since late 1980s. He holds the academic qualifications of Master degree in Art History from the Australian National University (ANU) and now is the PhD candidate at the Research School–HRC in the ANU. Since he temporarily moved back to Shanghai in June 2004, he has worked closely with local artists, academics and professionals in art field. He is now Adjunct Professor with the School of Art in Melbourne Australia, and professor and convenor of the Arts Management Course in the Eastern China Normal University School of Art, Shanghai.

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