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Leifeng Became a God
Liberation Soldier
sculpting time
Thouand-year-old Tree
Zhong Nan Hai

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Having participated in scores of exhibitions over the last decade, Chen Bo is now considered to be some of the leading artists of the so called “Ego Generation”. This group of artists are defined by having been born after 1970.

Artists from older generations have lived through massive social and cultural upheaval in China and as a result their art, tend to be greatly influenced by wider social and political concerns. This has lead to movements such as Political Pop and Cynical Realism. In contrast to these artists, the Ego Generation have not spent their adult years living in tumultuous times, thus they are more concerned with introspection than addressing wider issues.

Chen Bo's subject matters are diverse, however, many of his works appear to be fond memories from the 70's.

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