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My art work acts as a mirror reflection of human life, and its related existential questions, which go hand in hand with the natural evolutionary process of the human body.
This translation is reflected through the composition and combination of old garments, fabrics, clay, medical and other objects, all of them originating from either West-European or Chinese culture.

Every piece is unique, and holds the legacy of a certain period in time, hereby taking the viewer back to childhood memories and even more urging us to focus on our relationship with life and death.

My preference goes to materials and objects that are easily recognized, which carry a solid existence, and are able to be reused at any moment within their lifecycle.
During the creation process, the pieces are transformed into a new concept, yet without losing their initial origin or identity.
The usage of vintage textile pieces plays a prominent role within this process, whilst keeping focus on craftsmanship and its manual process.
Through my art work, I aim to provide an esthetical as well a critical image of reality.

In my complete oeuvre my aim is to use powerful, yet sober conceptual language to express the esthetic and critical questioning of our reality.
My creative journey leads me to symbolize a melancholic past as well as admiration of the present through artistic interventions and combinations.

This leads the viewer to a confrontation with a “new reality” that he can recognize and experience through his personal involvement and confrontation between his past and present. By reconstructing this new reality the visitor discovers his own reality again.

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