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Rose, Rose
The method of paradox

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Lin Jingjing works with experiences that have personally influenced her, experiences that are a part of common culture, but nonetheless remain firmly in the hands of the individual. Initially, Lin's work is about people, interpersonal relationships, and their internal and external vulnerabilities which she then transfers onto social traditions and processes in a very sophisticated way. She uses found materials and alters these, reforming them or 'hurting' them through embroidery in order to bring together new associations, both contextually and aesthetically.

This exhibition will present installations, objects and photographs. Lin's works, in each medium, are often combined with performative processes. Silence and evident reluctance are significant characteristics of Lin's artistic language. Nevertheless, her expression is so strong that it goes beyond the beauty of the works and confronts the viewer with existential topics.

With the de-individualization of her own experience in order to transfer this into something of a universal nature, she does not restrict herself to her own familiar culture. With simple artistic means, she is able to draw a cross-cultural image of people, their fears, their longings and desires.

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