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Shanghai Crown #1: Da Shi Jie
Shanghai crown #2 Westin
Shanghai fascinator #1 pearl fruit
Shanghai fascinator #2 white cat top hat
Shanghai fascinator #4 Westin cocktail

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The two constants in my work as an artist are an interest in architecture and an idiosyncratic use of materials. In the work for “Wearable,” I playfully employ the profusion of materials available in Shanghai’s hardware and notions markets to explore the structures of Shanghai’s skyline. “Shanghai Crowns” re-interpret the pinnacles that grace the tops of Shanghai’s buildings. “Shanghai Fascinators” elevate the common goods sold on street carts & in local housewares shops up to the look of couture. The spectacle of the city and the city’s everyday life blend together in whimsical sculptures for the head. The Crowns & Fascinators adorn their wearers as the city’s spires adorn their buildings; bedecking their wearers, the crowns and fascinators rewrite the familiar skyline of the city.

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