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Root and Water
Science Fiction
Small Exercise on Canvas

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Li Wenguang was born in Shanghai. His work has been the subject of a solo exhibition at the Shangyuan Art Museum, Beijing, 2012, Stir Gallery Shanghai in 2011; Huating Space Shanghai, Songjiang, Shanghai (2011, 2010) and most recently at James Cohan Gallery, Shanghai in 2013.

Li Wenguang is known for his highly subjective and idiosyncratic works, many of which have been based on notions of pseudoscientific equations, personal diaries, and dream interpretation. Continuing his exploration of these themes, his recent works are delving further into the territory of the subconscious. Li, who is a completely self-taught artist, presents his works on rice paper mounted to traditional Chinese silk scrolls, using a combination of pen, brush, tea, ink, acrylic and oil paint. [...] by James Cohan Gallery

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