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Qiu Deshu is a Shanghai mixed-media abstract artist born in 1948. He is best known for the role he played in founding the unofficial “Grass” or “Cao Cao” artists’ group in 1979 with the intention to break from the bonds of the institutional system of art prevalent during the Mao era. He did so by emphasizing on individualism, integrity and personal artistic language without being militant.

Because of this Qiu Deshu was marginalized till 2008 when he had his first show at the Shanghai Art Museum. In the meantime, he developed a technique of “Cracks” by tearing his ink on paper works and sticking them back on a painted canvas, achieving stunning abstract collages. 3 of his works were included in “Painting the Chinese Dream”, an exhibition held at Smith College Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum in 1982-3. He also spent the academic year of 1985/86 as a visiting artist at Tufts University where he painted a large mural and had a solo show. Since the 80’s, Qiu Deshu has been consistent in following his “Crack” technique.

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